Youth Program

Youth Program

We welcome you to contact our staff and attend an orientation, to learn how the program can benefit you!

Preparing You For The Work World


Our mission is to improve the quality of the communitys’ workforce, reduce welfare dependency and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of Gila River Indian Community Members in the workforce. Youth facing barriers to employment and education are offered job training and other supportive services that will result in:

  • School completion
  • Increased educational and occupational skills
  • Increased employment
  • Increased salary/earnings
  • Employment retention.



How The Program Process Works

Step 1: Orientation
Review of program services and requirements. You will also be interviewed at this point

Step 2: Testing/Assessment
Career Scope/O*NET & TABE

Step 3: Eligibility Appointment

Step 4: Enrollment
Meet with Employment Coordinator to develop your career & education plan and prepare for program participation

What We Offer


  • WIOA Participants gain work experince-Summer Work Placement (7 week employment)
  • Opportunity to attend conferences, career fairs, camps & college tours
  • Community Service learning through community based projects
  • Access to Work Readiness Training, Leadership/Life Skills Workshops
  • Develop a Career/ Educational Plan
  • Can attend Indian Nations Camp (during the summer program)
  • Assist out-of-school youth return back to school or enroll into a GED class


  • Youth 14-24 years of age
  • Enrolled GRIC members & members of any federally recognized tribe
  • Resident on or near the Gila River Indian Community
  • Youth who can commit to at least 1 year of participation in the program
  • Youth who are willing to enroll into college or obtain employment upon completion of program participation


  • Transportation- Youth can request transportation to attend training activities, conferences and for educational purposes.
  • Supportive Services- Financial assistance for work clothing & job related tools, provided in the event of employment or job placement.
  • Assessments- Interest, aptitude & academic tests are given to ensure, the proper career direction is chosen by the participant.


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